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More than skills.

Learn for Life.

Build Your Future.

Faster Zebra powers you with in-demand skills and holistic wellness practices needed to thrive in the future of changing work. Learn, grow, and build a fulfilling career with our unique mix of job-ready skills, business acumen, collaboration and mindfulness training.


Stack your skills. Calm your mind. Make some impact.


The future of work and learning is ...


Understand people. Build better solutions. Faster Zebra’s human-centred courses equip you and your team with the skills to create impactful products and services. Master HCD, emotional intelligence, and future-ready soft skills to truly connect with your audience.


Lead with confidence. Faster Zebra’s business-focused programs support you with the latest tools, methodologies, and collaborative smarts to drive innovation and success. Gain the expertise to navigate the evolving business landscape and lead the future.


Create positive change. Shape the future. Our impact-driven courses teach you to leverage cutting-edge technologies and ethical practices to elevate human experiences and build a better tomorrow. Make a difference with your skills and lead with purpose.

Good Things Come To Those Who Make.

Greet the rapidly changing times and thrive with Faster Zebra’s impactful education programs that apply in-demand skills to real world challenges.

Power-up Your Potential


Unlock your potential. Shape your future. 
Our programs teach you the skills and mindset to thrive in the ever-evolving world of work. Master in-demand capabilities like venture building, applied AI, human-centred design, and more.


Join our global community and
become the architect of your success.

Accelerate Expertise


Supercharge your team. Lead the future. 
Invest in your people – the ones who create change. Faster Zebra’s customised training programs equip your workforce with cutting-edge skills and tools needed to drive innovation goals.


Let us help you build a future-ready team and
unlock your company’s full potential.


We Bring People, Product, & Planet Together

Gain relevant experience instantly with real-world projects from real-world clients. 

Be Part Of Something Bigger

One of the main pillars of our mission is to make valuable education accessible globally. We provide learning opportunities for those who wouldn’t be able to access it and we focus on projects that elevate the world by improving human and planetary wellness.


When people and planet thrive together, a brighter future unfolds. Up-skilling through Faster Zebra is your chance to contribute to that.


Learn with purpose. Power others. 

When you join Faster Zebra, you’re not just investing in your own future, you’re opening doors for others. For every cohort or program we run, we provide two full scholarships to individuals from underserved communities.


Together, we can create a more equitable world where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

Join us and be a part of the change.


Mind, skills & soul

For us to do our best for the world, we must be our best.
Meditation and mindfulness training is part of every Faster Zebra program.

Planting Seeds of Knowledge, Growing Forests of Hope

Faster Zebra is excited to partner with ReForest Now to improve life on our shared planet. For every student enrolled in our 1-day programs, we’ll plant one tree to support rainforest restoration efforts. And for each student who embarks on our transformative 12-week programs, we’ll plant ten trees!


By joining Faster Zebra, you’re gaining valuable skills and contributing to a greener future. Let’s learn, grow, and build a better world together, one tree and one skill at a time!


We’re a community of change-creators

Meet people. Learn skills, tips and techniques.
Access member-only resources.


We’re a community for everyone to access. Enrolling in our courses will get you special access to student-only communities and to the cohort you’ve joined.