The Faster Zebra Whitepaper: a new model that rewards teachers and students. Coming soon.


Founded and led by industry leaders and innovators.

Experts teaching the next wave of change-creators skills needed to excel in the age of AI, automation, blockchain and immersive technologies.

Charbel Zeaiter

Founder, CEO, CX Leader

Andrew John

Growth, Marketing, Content

Susan Kibukamusoke

Team, Culture, Change

Mary-Claire Monsalve

HCD, CX, Design Lead

Lorenzo Bocchi

UI, Design, Brand, Startup

Jasmine Nguyen

CX, Service Design

Albert Mai

Growth, Startups

Alex Ponza

Content, Marketing

Marilit Iligan

Project Management

teach to earn

Become a teacher

Welcome to the age of AI and Web3, where you can earn fees and rewards by teaching, creating content, and helping students succeed. This new system gives you more opportunities to be rewarded for your work.